KT Tape BLACKROLL: Blackroll Mini Black

KT Tape BLACKROLL: Blackroll Mini Black

£8.00 GBP

KT Tape BLACKROLL: Blackroll Mini Black

With the help of the Blackroll you can noticeably improve your flexibility and capacity of the muscular system with just little effort and simple exercises. Regular and targeted training regenerates the muscles and ensures prolonging release of tension and a higher performance of the muscles.

  • convenient for travel, small and light
  • for selective massage of feet, legs, arms and other body parts
  • for use at the table, on the floor and wall
  • suitable as a connection piece of 2 normal rolls up to 60 cm width (3 rolls 90 cm)

Size: 15 cm x 5.3 cm

Green production:

  • environmentally friendly
  • energy saving production
  • 100% recyclable
  • free of propellant
  • free of chemicals


  • inodorous
  • water resistent
  • easy to clean
  • easy sanitisable

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